We're fans of Head for Points! 
(so we're giving its readers a little bit more)


Introduce a qualifying business, and receive 3,000 Avios*.
The more you introduce, the more you get!
*or £30 for charity

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Help a business improve their cashflow and earn yourself rewards!


(and no fiddly referral codes - use your email address or mobile number as your referral code!)

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Why would a business want to reward me just because I pay on time?

  • Businesses that get paid late get into cashflow difficulties – it’s the biggest reason businesses fail

  • Getting paid within terms is valuable to your supplier

  • Peasy plugs into their accounting software allowing them to reward customers.

  • The quicker the invoices are paid, the better it is for your supplier, so the bigger the reward for you!

  • If customers don’t pay early (or within terms), there are no rewards and it costs the supplier nothing.

  • It’s a win-win for both supplier and customer

  • Help us spread the message by inviting your suppliers to sign up. You’ll get bonus Avios or a bigger donation for charity – and that’s on top of what you’ll get for paying early!


The minimum rewards for a referral are (for HFP readers): 3000 Avios/£35 to Charity

For each additional referral, the reward increases by 250 Avios/£3 to Charity.

The scheme is refreshed each time an individual reaches 5 referrals,

A Referral is a Qualifying Business that (within 5 days of their approved signup) responds to how they found Peasy using either an email address or phone number belonging to a pre-registered user of this website.

A Qualifying  Business is one that meets the following criteria:-

1. Is UK registered & VAT registered, and uses compatible accounting software

2. Extends credit to >50% of its customers

3. Does not exclude >25% of customers from receiving reward offers

4. Has an average invoice value >£250

5. Remains a user of Peasy for a period of 3 months/£100,000 invoice (whichever is sooner)

Referrers agree to the spirit of the rules, and not to abuse or interpret rules in a manner in which they were clearly not intended for.

Rewards are paid out once the business has qualified, subject to clause 5.

Peasy.com Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this offer and suspend rewards to any individual or universally if it's deemed the process has been abused.

Avios is registered trademark of Avios Group (AGL) Ltd